Wow, I have a lot to do.

What’s up yall, it’s K Ruiz on your computer, comin’ atcha with the latest and greatest in my life.

Lemme just give it to you straight: It’s been brazy.


Panelists Luis Canett, me, and Elizabeth Hensley and our panel chair, Kristen La Follette.

Just to catch you all up on my recent activities, I went to OHA and presented on an awesome panel that my mentor, Kristen La Follette and I put together. Best part about that weekend is that I got to meet a potential grad mentor from UC Davis, Lorena Oropeza. She was on the dopest panel on the program (in my opinion). It was about red, yellow, brown, and black power movements, emphasizing the role of women within them. Seriously, I was like so enthralled in the discussion I didn’t want it to end.

Also, I went to the orientation for CSU Predoc scholars and got a ton of swag. Now I have business cards with the CSU on them. Also, in the orientation I realized that a majority of the applicants are masters students applying to doctoral programs. It was so cool to see that the work I have done and want to do is standing up to the work that masters students are doing.

Finally, I know it conflicts with what I just wrote about feeling good about my work, but as I’ve been working on my applications for the Soros Fellowship for New Americans, Ford Predoctoral Fellowship, and Ph.D. programs, imposter syndrome has never been so real for me.

More to come on that last point, but for tonight, I’m gonna snuggle up to my latest Soros drafts and make some revisions.

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